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♡ 400 ✍ 70 Mar 21 Today marks my 1st anniversary as President of @gradeadigital. ✨✨✨ I’m going to be honest with y’all. I’ve struggled to figure out what to write, but I’m committed to showing you the good, bad, and ugly, so let me keep it real for a min. ✨✨✨ *taking a deep breath* ✨✨✨ Running a company is freaking hard. Like not in a “I gotta hustle 24/7” way, but in a deep, dark “How the hell am I gonna to get through another day?” way, contrasted with the most magical milestones and moments of joy. It kinda feels like those tire swings that are so fun to spin on for a little while and then make you 🤢. ✨✨✨ It sounds naive, but when I began on this journey, I thought I could work hard, buy a #girlboss t-shirt, and I’d be blissfully living in my purpose. But, I didn’t factor in: ✅ The frustration of losing deals ✅ The pain of pivoting ✅ The anxiety of saying, doing, feeling the wrong thing ALL 👏 THE 👏 TIME 👏 ✅ The crushing loneliness BUT, would I do it all over again? In a heartbeat. ❤️ I’ve spent the last year, slowly stripping away layer after layer of my armour. Without the ability to blame a crappy coworker or bad boss, you’re forced to take a real, raw, unfiltered look at who you are. Here are the lessons I’ve learned: ❤️ I was, and am, a workaholic. I rely on my work to feel worthy. I need to work on this. ❤️ I don’t need things. Screw nice offices and fancy titles. Happiness will always come from living in alignment with who you are. ❤️ I was put on this earth to lift people up. I was born to speak, and train, and share smiles. I will choose impact over income every day. ✨✨✨ Most of all, this year I’ve learned that I don’t want to be a fearless girlboss, that part is easy, I want to be somebody that leads with my whole damn heart, and that is a lifelong project. *deep breath* Thanks for listening, friends, ☕️ & ❤️, Michaela . . . . . #girlboss #entrepreneur #entrepreneurlifestyle #entrepreneurs #entrepreneurship #entrepreneurquotes #entrepreneurmindset #bossbabe #bosslady #boss #bossbabes #womeninbusiness #womenshistorymonth #womensrunningcommunity #womenentrepreneur #womanentrepreneur #daringgreatly #startuplife #startupbusiness #vulnerability

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♡ 203 ✍ 21 Mar 20 “Michaela, I want to be happy, but I haven’t found my dream job yet. I’ll never stop looking though.” ✨✨✨ SLOW YOUR SCROLL if you’re waiting for your dreams to come true. Are you sitting down? ...there is no such thing as a dream job. 🤯 🤯 🤯 OK, still with me? I promise I’m not trying to ruin your day 🤗. I believed so much in dream jobs. In fact, my first viral article was CALLED “How I Landed my Dream Job in Two Weeks”. ✨ So, why am I changing my tune? Of COURSE, you can find an awesome, fulfilling career, and rock it every day until you retire. Yes, that work exists. But it also comes with challenges, and moments of frustration, and uncomfortable growth. ✨ We are wired to grow, so the best work you can do is the very work that pushes you behind your comfort zone and into wild, foreign territory. A dream job isn’t a destination. It’s the process of doing work that feels totally in alignment with who you are. ✨ The second reason I’m abandoning the phrase “dream job” is because it’s disempowering. The word “dream” is defined as: 👩🏼‍🏫 “contemplate the possibility of doing something” I fell into that trap, guys. I wished, and hoped, and shouted affirmations every single morning WAITING for that job to show up at my front door. When it didn’t, I became bitter and pessimistic, convinced that the world was plotting against my destiny. ✨✨✨ But awesome things don’t just appear because you want them bad enough. Greatness favours the bold, the brave, the ones that show up again and again, despite having the odds stacked against them. Wouldn’t you rather stand up and charge towards your goals than sit and wish for better days? 💁‍♀️ Dream it, sure, but then plan it, and go for it!

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♡ 360 ✍ 38 Mar 3 5 year plans scare me. 🤭 Don’t get me wrong, if you’re a planner, rock on with your bad self, but I don’t even have a 5 DAY plan 🤦‍♀️ ✨ Hell, I don’t even know what I’m going to have for dinner, let alone what I’m going to accomplish over the next 5 years! 😳 (spicy avocado maki rolls sound DELISH right now though 🍣) . Years ago, I would have easily listed off my plan in full detail with confidence. That was, until these curve balls came at me ... ⚾️ Developed #agoraphobia ⚾️ Skipped my LSATs and escaped to California after my then boyfriend of 5 years cheated on me ⚾️ Hit rock bottom with a toxic year of crop tops, cocktails, and cocaine ⚾️ Cleaned toilets and dressed up as a can of beans just to pay the bills ⚾️ Fell into marketing, which had NOTHING to do with my degree! . It’s awesome to plan, hope, and dream, but it’s also important to let go of expectations and blueprints. If I hadn’t, I might still be trapped in my 🏠, hungover on Sunset Blvd., or still scrubbing urinals, instead of living a life that I’ve designed, full of purpose, challenges, adventure, and freaking BEAUTIFUL LATTES ☕️! . What curveballs have you had to overcome to get to where you are? Inspire me with your story below 👇👇👇 . . . . . #risingstrong #daringgreatly #careergoals #5yearplan #bosslady #girlpower #couragequotes #coffeeshops #coffeetoronto #coffeequotes #coffeeislife #careerchange #careerwoman #careerquotes #girlboss #girlbosslife

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