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♡ 9368 ✍ 237 Feb 19 One of the most common questions I get asked is how to improve? The answer, “practice” is probably one of the most common, yet underrated answer anyone can give you. It seems simple - “practice”. You almost think to yourself, “Yeah, I know I have to practice! That’s common sense! There must be a faster way though? Give me some tips? Tricks?” Its almost frustrating when someone gives you that answer! Its true though, “practice” is underrated. Sometimes, there simply is no easy way to get better. You can only get better if you do a certain thing repetitively, aka practice. I often sit down and scroll through the work of many of my talented fellow henna artists, admiring the beauty of their work and the hours that must have gone into perfecting the design. I almost always want to know how they managed to make the eyes so perfect in their bride figure or how they managed to get the lines so clean and yet delicate. I can’t help but wonder in those moments if there is some shortcut to doing it or if there’s an easier way. I’ve learned from not only doing the work I do but also seeing other artists’ work that the answer is simply practice. Why is that artist’s paisley perfect? Simple - that artist has done that paisley more times than you can imagine. Why is that eye so perfect in the bride’s portrait? Simple - that artist has a piece of paper lying somewhere on which the artist has practiced that same eye 100 times, improving it each time. This is my practice. I’ve been wanting to better my bridal figures in henna for quite some time now and have been feeling so inspired by the brides I’ve met. The bottom is just a practice of Padmavati, inspired by @deepikapadukone from @filmpadmaavat ☺️ The middle figure is inspired by a portrait of @manushi_chhillar for a @sabyasachiofficial campaign ☺️

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